Like all providers of health services we have to do a patient satisfaction survey for the commissioners of our services.  The responses we have had so far from our patients are encouraging but a few more would make the analysis more meaningful.

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Below you can see some testimonials from our clients and see what they have had to say about us so far :

Via Facebook

I met Claire last week and was very impressed with my first assessment and consultation.  I had acupuncture which has helped with my trapped tendon and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.

Mrs G (June 2017)

“Wow, wow, wow, wow, Hobbled in walked out!

As one of life sceptics I was unsure if acupuncture would help with my Sciatica, but given that Sarah was also a fully trained Physiotherapist I figured I would see what she could do with either treatments, Sarah took full and detailed history before deciding what treatments to do, for my upper back pain I was ‘manipulated’, if thats the right word?… for my Sciatica I was stabbed…..lots…ok, probably about 6 times if I’m honest, only really felt one of the needled which Sarah did warn me might smart a bit.

After about 20 minutes all the needled were removed, I stood up and have to admit it all felt a little easier, Sarah then gave me some ‘homework’ to do, it wasn’t till I walked to the car that I realised just how pain free I actually was, honestly I could of cried, I was (for the first time in weeks) FREE of Sciatic pain!

Sarah Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!”

Stuart, Treatment date 02/6/2014

“I am writing to thank you for all your help.  Following the course of fertility acupuncture I’m pregnant.  After trying for 18 months I can’t believe this has worked! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.  I’ll keep you posted and will certainly be back for cervical ripening!”

Sarah, Treatment June-July 2013

“You’ve cured me after 6 years of constant pain.  I’ve seen my GP so many times and seen 3 other physio’s and my pain had always felt worse. I felt better after the first treatment.  I’ve had 6 treatments, it has never hurt and I am pain free.  I have changed the way I do day to day tasks and I’ve re-educated my body.  I have recommended you to anyone who has said they have pain. I am really looking forward to starting the Pilates classes to strengthen my core so hopefully I don’t have any reoccurrence of pain!”

Zoe, Treatment from 05/03/2014

“We started using Physiotherapy2Fit in early 2014.  We initially chose P2F because of its location and ease of access. The booking process was also seamless and a good number of options were presented to get us seen ASAP. Myself and my Partner have seen Sue on each occasion and the service has been exceptional. Sue really listened to our concerns, assessed us and quickly made her diagnosis.  We have both been offered acupuncture and massage and was also given exercises to complete when at home.  Sue even sent through a menu of exercises we should compete so we didn’t forget….fantastic! Sue was honest with us and didn’t over promise on speed of recovery and continues to manage our expectations. It’s great to feel you can really trust someone. Thanks Sue and we look forward to seeing our continued recovery.”


Lee, Treatment from 01/01/2014

Dear Sarah (manager at physiotherapy2fit) Rainham Kent

Referring to: To my outstanding treatment

I am writing to praise you for being an exceptional, excellent, and outstanding and highly patient focused physiotherapist. You and your team are extremely professional, dedicated, hard working, inclusive and helpful. You have really challenged me to succeed, aim high and be aspirational with my mobility. You gave me details of where I can continue to improve and clearly identify the next steps I need to take with further exercises.

As a teacher with nearly 30 years teaching experience I have had a difficult couple of years I have been chronically ill since aged 14. I have needed two new hips a metal plate in my left leg and often need to take morphine for pain relief. My appointments with you have strengthened my core and may me feel more confident in my ability to continue to progress.

You are terrific and  amazing at your job highly organized and driven with exceptional interpersonal skills. So to ensure the best possible outcomes for all patients in your care.  Keep up the fantastic work and ever thanks for making a difference to my life.

Yours sincerely


Via Survey Monkey

Sarah is very experienced and knew exactly how to help me. I felt very reassured and comfortable during treatment. I have been back several times and always received the same high level of care.

Anonymous 02/09/2015

Via Survey Monkey

Extremely satisfied with my clinician, Sue Hall, who has really helped improve my condition. I find her to be very knowledgeable, skilled and approachable.

Anonymous 29/08/2015

Via Survey Monkey

They are all very professional putting you at ease instantly,  I am completely satisfied with the results of my treatment. I know I am going to make a full recovery.

Anonymous 28/08/2015

Via Survey Monkey

Very happy with my experience and therefore very pleased to recommend, in fact have already done so.

Anonymous 28/08/2015

Via Survey Monkey

I have had a marked improvement to the problems I attended Physiotherapy2fit with the understanding of the therapist and her knowledge she has given me lots of information so I can manage my problems, knowing I can return at any time I need more help.

Anonymous 28/08/2015

Via Survey Monkey

Both my injuries I have had I have seen Sarah Booker and have had an excellent experience both times. She is very friendly and extremely good at what she does.

Anonymous 30/09/2015

Via Survey Monkey

Sue Hall at St. Mary’s Island was thorough in taking my history & listening to my ailments & administering the treatment she decided on.

Anonymous 30/09/2015

Via Survey Monkey

Sarah Booker is very knowledgeable, and discussed all aspects of treatment with me. Each visit brought further relief from the initial condition, and she also diagnosed fallen arches as the root cause of my knee pain – the support insoles now mean I’m pain-free again!

Anonymous 30/09/2015

Via Survey Monkey

Physiotherapist was amazing. Sue Hall listened and was extremely sympathetic & understanding, even helped me overcome my fear of needles. Highly recommend!

Anonymous 30/09/2015



I thought I would just drop you a quick line to say thank you.  I came to you on New Year’s Eve and saw Sarah Booker who did some acupuncture on my lower back and organised anti-inflammatory tablets from my doctor for me.


The acupuncture worked amazingly and the next day I was able to move almost as normal – so, many thanks Sarah.


I know where I will be coming if my back “goes” again!

Dawn, 6/1/15
Over the past couple of years I’m become a keen runner but as my distance and pace has increased so has my right knee started to protest.  Having seen an orthopedic surgeon and had an MRI I have been diagnosed with chondromalacia.  I was advised to pursue some physiotherapy in order to have my gait assessed and to obtain a programme of exercises to assist with muscle strength and joint stability.
Upon recommendation I contacted Sarah and she saw me promptly for a thorough and comprehensive biomechanics assessment.  She gathered a detailed case history, photographed me as I carried out various static exercises, and observed me walking and running on a treadmill. She explained her findings in detail and they reflected exactly the issues I had been experiencing, which inspired my confidence.   She prescribed and modelled a programme of exercises that are manageable given my busy timetable and gave me very helpful advice regarding insoles and trainers that will facilitate my alignment/stability.  I have already contacted a couple of running buddies and recommended Sarah to them – she is a very thorough and knowledgeable therapist and I would not hesitate to see her again should I experience any further mobility issues.  Thank you Sarah 🙂
Olwen, 14/1/16
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