AQP Full Body Musculoskeletal Services

This is a new service which has been selected under the Government’s AQP agenda by the NHS and will allow patients that are referred for Physiotherapy by their GP to chose qualified providers to deliver their Physiotherapy treatment. You must have a GP or consultant NHS referral in order to be seen as an NHS patient.

Physiotherapy2fit has undertaken a huge selection process to be one of the specialist providers for:

  • Medway CCG – Full Body Service
  • Swale CCG – Full Body Service
  • East Kent CCG-Full Body Service

If your GP is in the geographical area above you can choose to see one of our Clinical Specialist Physiotherapists.

Our Senior team are Chartered Physiotherapists that are registered with the HCPC and have over 10 years post graduation experience treating musculoskeletal problems.

How to refer to Physiotherapy2Fit via a GP

    Medway CCG    –   All Medway GP referrals go via the MSK Triage Team located within MCH on Gillingham Business Park (01634 333999) , these Referrals are then forwarded on our admin team, usually via email. Our current Medway clinics are: Rainham, Dance Junction Chatham/Rochester

    Swale CCG and East Kent CCG   –   Swale and East Kent GP referrals are received via email on our Referral Form, however some referrals are printed and given to the patient so they can immediately contact us for an appointment.We can also be found on choose and book by searching for ‘Physiotherapy2fit’ Not all our clinic locations and times are visible on the choose and book system. For current clinic locations and times visit our locations page. Our current Swale clinics are: Gadby Road Sittingbourne

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Why choose us

Our team

Our team of physiotherapists has a wide range of expertise and are all registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professions Council. They also all have at least eight years experience. We have Specialist Physiotherapists in Acupuncture, Rheumatology conditions and trauma and Orthopaedics (fractures and surgery), Women’s Health, Pilates, Lower Limb replacements, hand therapy and Chronic Pain Conditions.

Our clinics

We run physiotherapy clinics across North Kent. All our clinics have parking facilities and most have disabled access.
We are proud to offer one-to-one treatment sessions as well as established rehabilitation group classes which range from ankle, back and shoulder classes to specialist Pilates classes.

Our history

We have a strong history of working with consultants and local GPs. We accept patients from out of area specialist hospitals who may refer patients after surgery (i.e. spinal surgery). We also have close links with the Medway Exercise Referral Scheme which promotes and supports people with exercise in the community.
All of our Clinical Specialist Physiotherapists work with you to provide an individual treatment experience tailored to your needs.


Patients Eligible for AQP Musculoskeletal Full Body Service include but not limited to:

  • Neck and back problems (whip lash, sciatica, chronic back pain).
  • Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and medical epicondylitis.
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Upper limb tendonitis.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Ante-natal/post natal patients (including treatment after 35 weeks).
  • Post-op patients (defined as those patients who have completed inpatient physiotherapy following surgery and require physiotherapy in the community, they do not have to be discharged from their consultant to access this service).
  • Patients who have attended the Emergency Department (ED) but do not require a follow up appointment at a fracture clinic.
  • Patients over 16 years of age.
  • Patients registered with a Medway or Swale GP.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Suspicions of serious pathology or red flag symptoms.
  • Patients under the age of 16 years.
  • Patients that do not meet the referral criteria.
  • Housebound patients.
  • Patients not registered with a Medway or Swale CCG practice.
  • Patient with pain originating from non-MSK cause.
  • Post hospital discharge patients (surgery or traumas) who currently have physiotherapy provided as part of their secondary care episode.

We have a Choose & Book profile for this service and would appreciate if you could refer patients using this system. We require a written referral letter and are unable to accept self-referrals.

Once we receive the referral from a GP, CAS, Consultant or Secondary Care Professional we will process the patient within 3 days and will offer an appointment within 2 weeks.

DNAs and Cancellations

Under the NHS AQP MSK service specification, patients will only be allowed one DNA (did not attend).  One further follow up appointment will be offered if the patient makes contact within 24 hours or the patient will be discharged back to their GP.

As a company we like to ensure that all of our patients are offered follow up appointments at an interval that is best for their rehabilitation.  For this reason no more than 2 cancellations per referral is allowed prior to discharge being made back to the source of referral.  This allows us to keep our waiting times down and your treatment to the highest standard possible and we would ask you to ensure you make a commitment to attending to all of your appointments.

Service Specification

Risk Assessment Template

The Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression at Work against NHS Staff

As we are a provider that treat NHS patients we adhere to the policy below

Violence Against NHS Staff

LCA Document N3 App

Patient Identifiable Data Policy – NHS

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