Bone Healing

OsteotronOsteotron IV is an effective device which acts to speed up the natural fracture healing process by stimulating bone cells to grow and repair.

How does it work?

Treatment involves placing the ultrasound probe on your skin at the site of your fracture. The device sends low intensity pulsed frequencies to the injury assisting the recovery process of the bone fracture. It can be used at home either during casting or post-surgery and only requires 20 minutes a day. Treatment may last just a few weeks, or in some cases several months.

Is low-intensity pulsed ultrasound for me?

Studies have shown that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound is very safe and can reduce fracture healing time, especially for people with fractures that heal poorly or not all (non-union).

This device will benefit if you:

  • Are a busy person or athlete and need your fresh fracture to heal as soon possible
  • Have a fracture which is slow to heal
  • Have risk factors such as a smoking, obesity, diabetes

 Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound non-union heal rates for fractures

  • Broken Clavicle/Collar Bone 77.8%
  • Broken Radius/Lower Arm 89.5%
  • Broken Hand / Wrist 95.7%
  • Broken Femur / Thigh 84.5%
  • Broken Tibia / Fibula Lower Leg 90.8%
  • Broken Foot 86.7%
  • Broken Metatarsal / Toes 92%
  • Broken Ankle 85.3%
  • Broken Scaphoid 93.2%
  • Broken HumerusUpper Arm 74.8%

Osteotron is a portable medical device that stimulates the bone’s natural healing process using low-intensity, pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS).

The unit has a small transducer which is placed on the skin above and below the site of the broken bone and LIPUS waves penetrate through the skin and soft tissue into the bone.

Osteotron is a safe, effective and painless treatment that patients can apply at home for 20 minutes per day, stimulating the body’s natural bone healing process.

LIPUS works at all stages of the fracture healing process

It’s never too early or too late to use the Osteotron to help heal a broken bone.

Early Stages: The ultrasound waves encourage cells to remove bacteria and debris.

Middle Stages: The pulses stimulate immature bone marrow to produce bone cells and cartilage cells and the factors required for bone healing.

Late Stages: The ultrasound signals encourage bone cells to mature more rapidly and to stimulate the process of remodeling.

LIPUS has a heal rate of 86% for non-union fractures.

It is Low Risk: Osteotron is non-invasive.

LIPUS can be as effective as surgery with lower costs.

Don’t wait until your cast is due off. Start treated immediately.

In difficult cases, such as delayed or non-union fractures, there is good clinical evidence that LIPUS can stimulate the fracture to heal.

Osteotron uses a LIPUS signal to stimulate the healing process of the fracture.

Effective even where metal fixations are present.
May prevent the need for further surgery.

Since 1997 LIPUS has been used globally to successfully help heal broken bones by hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence states:

“The case for adopting LIPUS bone healing systems to treat long bone fractures with non-union is supported by the clinical evidence which shows high rates of fracture healing.”

“There is an estimated cost saving of £1164 per patient compared with current management.”

Evidence Base and Conclusion:

The Committee examined 17 clinical studies involving 1710 patients with delayed and non-union long bone fractures and reached the following conclusion:

“The Committee recognised that the available clinical data on the effectiveness of LIPUS for treating long bone fractures with non-union show high rates of fracture healing and it judged them sufficient to support the efficacy and utility of LIPUS treatment.
“The Committee examined a number of scenarios where LIPUS could replace secondary surgery and it “considered that the assumptions in the cost model were plausible and that LIPUS is cost saving compared with current management of non-union.”

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